• Health of the Russian nation

    As a result of successive political upheavals and global mayhem 90s overall level of health in the Russian Federation has sharply decreased. This is for their own reasons that are understandable to the layman, and there is no need to enumerate them, pull at the wound and to describe the “charm” of democracy in contemporary Rossii.S our authorities, puppets and those who pulls the strings to solve this problem is difficult if not impossible. Therefore, the rescue of drowning, mostly borne by drowning. Who does not like the man himself has to take care of themselves and their loved ones in such a heap of problems usloviyah.Iz directly affecting the health of the nation, I want to highlight, in my opinion, the chief, who with terrible swiftness erase from the map of history the Russian nation, the problem – alcoholism Russia! What we can not find obvious solutions of simple problems, elect the elected government of thieves and just fools, vividly shows the “confusion” turnout that is us. This confusion has arisen under the influence of alcohol vapors, which have long since exceeded the maximum permissible concentration in the atmosphere of Russia. And the nation is rapidly degraded! The last failure was clear evidence at the Olympics our athletes. And our “smart” rulers themselves by the way, victims of drunken coitus, are wondering what happened, who stole the money for which we were supposed to Olympic medals? Not smart enough to raise my head and look around, cause the same to the mind! There are way to fool our head ostensibly rich history of alcohol in Russia. But this is nonsense, attempts zamylit problem, excuses, and are primitive and stupid. Do not drink in Russia, even in a close approximation, as much as pour yourself into now!


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