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    The second – the creation of supplements – it is science-based, created in any academic institution, but does not meet modern market demands. To be sure of the effectiveness of specific dietary supplements, you need to know what amount of biologically active substances present in it. No new ingredients or known recipes or information about new medicinal plants is at the heart of creation. But who can guarantee that this BAA will be interesting to the consumer and demand in the market? Natural substances are unstable and lose their effectiveness after a year or two. The same product, but under different brands can get into competing companies, pharmacy, the retail trade network, etc. Own production of well-known fact: in the U. Scientific rationale for the conceptual design of products as dietary supplements are of the Corporation “Siberian Health”? Most often, behind such developments is 1 or 2 people. It suffices to look through the guide to dietary supplements, go to the Internet, extract some new-fangled or exotic plants and create them on the basis of a new dietary supplement. Control over quality at three levels: 1. Output – quality control of finished products. No matter how talented scholar may be, he can not cover the breadth of those innovations that are now available in Russia. Another important aspect of quality. If the company is working with other people’s production, she buys large quantities of the product (which is more cost-effective), as a result of product overstock stores and the consumer can get the critical period of life. The creation of such products – fashion. For the above mentioned criteria are valid, most manufacturers. At the entrance – an independent assessment of the quality of raw material 2.

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    4 stages of contamination. Most people live their 50 – 60 years of sickness and fear. • Why live in the mountains, 120 – 140 years? Minerals in the water and their bodies. Can they help us? • What will happen if you remove the blessings of civilization? Nam need reliable information and professional opinion! • Modern gipodinamika rights and caloric intake. • Learn about the three factors affect your health and that you can take in this case and how the deficit of essential trace elements. • Logically and intelligently chosen information will not leave any doubt. • What is the impact on our drugs? This you will learn in the film ‘Health – wise fee. Sickness pills, operations, constraints, new diseases etc. • Statistics. What’s really scary – is that we are passing the disease is inherited to their children. The film will be interesting and networker who are engaged in Badami and conventional lyudyam. The problem of shortage of essential trace elements the body! • The main problem – lack of vital minerals the body needs. • Statistics. • Learn how to break the vicious circle – the disease-pill and how the pollution of our body at the cellular level. • Dear urine. What are dietary supplements and how they affect the health of our body. • A vicious circle. Why so few people live to 100 years in the health and happiness? It is no accident… Help your health, we can only in two ways – to add to the diet necessary vitamins and minerals, and earn more money to spend more on tasty, healthy and REAL pischu. • The processes in the cells of our body. Why life span was reduced to 57 years!

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    TeletsZdorove. It is recommended to take a position of the observer and keep nervy. Cat (Rabbit), a quiet and gentle man to hold this year with no problems and turmoil in their families. Good physical condition and good health will accompany the sign of the zodiac throughout the year. In the first half are expected significant professional developments, as well as unexpected cash rewards in the form of bonuses and prizes. Year of the Rabbit will give Raku what he has waited so long – the heat, the attention and support of loved ones. Fate presents an opportunity to fill the new Taurus sense of privacy. Find out what it is you are prepared! On the whole year will be successful in terms of health for the Scorpion. In the future, the cancers displaying any investment, whether stocks or purchase nedvizhimosti. Of 2011 should not be considered as a year of action, as well as a year of laying the foundation for future achievements. In the summer should pay attention to your digestive system and do not abuse alcohol napitkami. In place of the white tiger comes fluffy white rabbit. ДеваЗдоровье. Lyubov. You can use this to find a soul mate. Magic the appeal of this sign is not to impress others. Career. The coming year promises to improve the general tone of the Lions, good health and high resistance. In general, the Gemini will be accompanied by good health and pronounced dynamism. In the family Tigers peace and prosperity. In April, the probability of obtaining novoydolzhnosti where scales will show up properly and will be at the top of fame and success. There may be an unexpected source dohodov. Chances of profit due to coincidence обстоятельств. Radi love and attention they are willing to sacrifice, can not tolerate loneliness. Zmeya-wise and dedicated the entire year will be loved, but it will not bring her any good. Rabbit is very intelligent, it is said in the eastern horoscope, it will be the patron saint of all who are associated with naukoy. Successful business acquaintances, new partners and guarantee the success of communication in this field. Karera. Despite the fact that the year does not promise Virgo troubles related to health, they should be more careful with their emotions. Despite a good overall tone of the energy, Cancer could pose problems related to poor diet and gigienoy. Kapriznuyu Rabbit Goat – waiting for blossoming business or raise at work. But the tendency for people to sign this deal several tasks at once can lead to a decline in strength in the middle of the year. Lyubov strong. If it fits with the mind to the painful problem, then in 2011 for her will be lucky. Promotion at work and business success in their own hands, she did not pomoschnik. He begins by Moscow time in 9 hours 39 minutes 16 February. September – the perfect time to start a new business, which later becomes a matter of life. Very often they ask for advice, they do not tolerate conflict, their home was always open for friends. Spring – an opportune time to implement plans, no matter how ambitious they are. 2011 for the Tiger will udachliv. Beginning of the year will give Taurus a good vitality.

    Istoscheniya. It is recommended to exercise prudence, and spend earnings from umom. Who has not found a soul mate – find it! Financial condition of Taurus will improve, but slowly and постепенно. Will be replaced by new friendships and relationships that are already in March, will affect the self-perception of the Virgin in a positive way. Stante same calm, good-natured and nesuetlivymi and Rabbit will be your patron saint in 2011. Kroliki ambitious and talented, respected and trusted colleagues and friends. Career. But as the Serpent wise foresight and she sees her sudbu. There are dramatic changes in their lives. The coming year promises major changes in his personal life. Lyubov. ” Careers. But business success in 2011 can not expect stoit. The most successful days for important days – 5 and 10 of each mesyatsa.

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    Began to take “The Roots of purity”, joint complex “living cell VI». ” Over the years, I feel very good. 3m. Situatsiya: Hormonal imbalance at the age of 26 years, diagnosis of infertility third degree final, unconditional failure (by the verdict of the doctors) having a second child, overweight (95-98 kg with height 171 cm, clothing size 54 -56). Thanks to my well-being and optimistic mood, I began to buy the products of my friends with whom we meet in oncology. Became even sleep for a brief sleep. Thank you very much for a new sense of life. And also thank you for your competent and affordable design new directories, “Siberian health. ” My mother passed chronic swelling, helped “Limfosan Y”. Felt a huge surge of strength, energy and mood. Once I forgave him, and on the cheek, I popped a huge flux. I’m very grateful for the Siberian Health Corporation’s products. Production is already taking 4 months, the results are really – in the face! “I use the product” Siberian Health “in September 2006, the standard program, and was a health program and for their grandchildren. I am a woman old, by Russian standards, so my friend listened to my recommendations creams “Hronolong. Lyudmila took “PIC”, “a living cell – III», EPAM-44, “Rhythms of health”, “Kardiovit. My father is very seriously ill, and taking NOVOMIN, Amaranth Oil, VITASELEN we are fighting a very bad disease (oncology). Checked! Context: Chronic lack of sleep, fatigue, drowsiness, fatigue. Granddaughters stopped hurting – he was given “EPAM-900? The oncologists surprised by his condition and asked what we so treat it. Three times a year my wife continues to pursue a policy of prevention of these drugs. After cleansing, “Origins of purity”, started taking L-carnitine, Vitahrom, EPAM-Revival 4, drank herbal teas and all my goals began to be realized! ” This was made possible thanks to our wonderful Badam. The effect lasted for goda. I bought Limfosan-M and Pantoral. This product has breathed life into our family! Long did not bother. I asked the consultant to “Siberian health”, which appointed a course of treatment for 3 months. Especially the cream to reduce the volume of the body. Results of recovery: I was very cheerful, energetic, hard work has increased almost 10 times. My husband took “VITEL” often enjoys a favorite “root”, “Geskoy. ” My wife Lyudmila, doctors diagnosed hypertension II-III degree. Family Vasilchenko, Severodonetsk, Ukraine Hi! Restoration of blood to me is much faster and I get regular chemotherapy with good analysis, chemotherapy is much easier to bear. And only thanks to our Badam I now live, enjoy life, I am happy grandchildren, and children. ” After training I was often disturbed by muscle pain, probably due to accumulation of lactic acid, waist circumference was reduced with difficulty, while in the buttocks and leg muscles were increased slowly. Immediately after surgery I started taking “Novomin. I want to express my deep gratitude to the developers and all people who carry out such a wonderful product. My name is Svetlana. In the autumn of 2007. At the moment I’m not just “forgot” the word puncture, I did get cold longer. I am happy to buy the drugs you have to maintain a healthy all my family. ” After the first year Lyudmila normal pressure, no longer a headache, took heart pain, shortness of breath, heart palpitations. ” And my sister just crazy about your cosmetic line! Since 2005, I always use the products of the Corporation “Siberian health. A series of “reform” in general, I love it! I have 7 years was kept between 38 and ESR 60 mm / d and only in August 2007 dropped to 28. I hope and believe in your products, it sustains me and heals I’ve been doing fitness, sports’m living, I wanted to achieve maximum results with the help of dietary supplements, “Siberian health. Used very often suffered from sinusitis, and as winter began, I did puncture. Were born during my work in the Corporation “Siberian health. At his daughter cleared skin, increased vitality after taking the “Cradle of purity” and “Rhythm of Health”. Thanks to salve the “root” I have never suffered from the winter, because at the slightest sign of a cold processed sinuses and gargle “root”. It so happened that in 2005 I found stomach cancer III degree. ” Actually, I take absolutely all products: and dietary supplements, and cosmetics. Then he discovered that the heart is sick and a new diagnosis – angina. Thank you very much. For that and thank the creators of this make-up and wait for the next developments. After training the muscles no longer “whine”! I decided to take a chance to save the tooth: teeth and rinsing the throat “Sorcerer.

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    What is the cause? A cause of diabetes can be prevented with chromium and vanadium. LvО than those offered by the book? Deficiency of calcium leads to the cause of the disease 147. Whatever the problem of health, it all comes down to this 4th of reasons. And Lat. The system of blood. How does it improve our health? Here you can take the test on the operation of 12 systems in your body: Central Nervous System. Intervyu with scientists and academics, professors, Russia (16 p. You will be able to, having studied it, the focus in cosmetics. ) Whom to believe: Mom or advertising? 31, in Russian and Latin. Sign up by calling on individual consultation on your personal problems to a specialist in the restoration of health. For one reason. This means that the technology exists! Ya asked. In one of the books you know that the cause of the cancer was discovered in 1932 and received a scholar for a Nobel Prize. 2. Want to know what is and what it depends on your health? There is an opportunity to attend a lecture on the concept of health. The digestive system. Mozhno get in the mail – the price of book + postage rashody. The respiratory system. But we remember about their health only when we start to lose it. They are also not taught. As well as other tests directly to 4 reasons. And Lat. ) Unique to the content of truthful information about the external beauty and health kozhi. There are thousands of diseases. Kostnomyshechnaya system. The author of this system – it has developed an herbalist for 30 years. Present Flyers this and you will receive a gift. What doctor would tell you? Circulatory system. Men are also useful for this material. Including osteoporosis. Because I do not znayut. Cleanse the liver and kidneys, brain, blood vessels, lymphatic system and all orgranizm in general through the intestine (27 p. And Lat. An opportunity to acquire material for the conservation of health. And also of the harmful and useless components that make up cosmetics in the global market. The endocrine system. Interesno Do you know what are the reasons and rules? V book you can read about it (44 pages, in Russian. ) book about cleaning up all organizma., in Russian and Latin. To find out, you can: 1. The peripheral nervous system. But this secret umalchivalsya.

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    It is important to note that for people under age 30, it would be better if the weight is less than 2-3 pounds from those predicted. This article will help you easily, without supernatural effort, without any restrictions in food and, most importantly, without the heavy physical activity achieved the weight with which you will look perfect, from your point of view or from the perspective of professionals. This brings me to the question, but from what, in fact, minusovat? Each kilogram of fat 7000 calories. If you decide to switch to more healthful foods – lean, roasted – it’s just easier for your body problem. You can jump in any time convenient for you. Reduced through diet and 300 through physical activity. Wake up the next day and continue on. It helps ordinary hoop. Po about food. In addition, having undergone these changes, you’ll be fine feel, will gain confidence in themselves, in general, become a happier person. Perfect, happier, and therefore should be an enjoyable process. Having tried many different ways to physical activity (running, dancing, gymnastics, fitness) with certainty state that the most comfortable and very effective, familiar to us from childhood means a rope. At first your weight may ride, stand still and even grow! Esli failure still occurs, do not scold yourself. On the weigh-in. For example, if you eat something salty, guarantee – the next day, your weight will increase only as much water you drink – the salt will keep her in your body longer than usual. You can calculate how much you overeaten, and burn those calories jumping rope, or to arrange a fasting day. We strongly recommend that you weigh daily. Podvodny. Believe in what you all must get done and it will be easy! If you plan to eat something nutritious, it’s better if you do it before dinner. What if this is not possible? But it is worth remembering the daily diet should not be less than 1000 kcal. Another article on the subject of battered? Dlya those who are too lazy to wander somewhere and find something, write a formula that most accurately to determine this number because different calculators determine the ideal weight for some reason, in many ways. ” And, most importantly, create a positive attitude. In moderate work on and work at home, and child care, and campaign work. By burning calories, it is almost equal to the run, but you do not have anywhere to gather and depend on the weather, also useful for jogging early in the morning while the air is clean and not full of exhaust fumes and other results of human activity., But with age it is better to weigh 55 kg. This should be no mechanical masazherom. Naprimer, we expect the ideal weight of 20-year-old girl growing 167 cm: 0. The best and fastest way – massage. S we decided. So, consider this formula a concrete example: a woman of 65 kg. If you can not, but would like very much so – you can just a little! But many also know that weight should be optimal for their health. How do you determine this number? So you can help your body to tune in to lose weight, because you know, self-hypnosis – a huge stone sila. More – not worth it, especially those who have kidney problems or pozvonochnikom. Select the day of the week and do it once a week. Does not exist a single person who would not have helped this method (except for people with severe disabilities). Acquire now the main thing. Itak, we calculate your ideal weight. 345 * 167 = 57. In such cases it is desirable to encourage weight loss in those places where you need it. 6 kg. But if you really want to, for example, chocolate is better to let a piece, otherwise you will experience psychological discomfort, resulting in a failure may occur. And then all you need to succeed! Ideal weight = 345 grams, multiplied by each centimeter of height (for women and for men – 445).

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    To do so, use the following drugs: – Food VITONK. Lose health is easy, but to return it can be very difficult. “Research and Production” means that the company itself is engaged in the production of goods and has its own scientific base. Bol or other symptoms – is usually not the first stage of the disease. Izvestno that a person should receive food vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It restores the intestinal microflora, strengthens the body’s own forces and includes a full range of necessary vitaminov. Dlya vision improvement in the company NNPTSTO also represented several products. If it was originally for the rejuvenation of the Centre was set up only one mezokokteyl, today the company produces a line has four products. The adjective “national” indicates that a Russian company. Perhaps the reason for this is the wrong food. Cases when the plaques appear even in children. Izvestno that the leading cause of premature death in developed countries take for cardiovascular disease. However, this does not happen because very greatly changed our food products have become less useful. They help to prevent possible illnesses and remove the first signs of illness even in the early stages, when no clinical symptoms, and traditional medicine, in fact, bessilna. But not always successful. Otherwise it is called “cancer vaccine” – Food Witham. Tsentr rejuvenation has been producing supplements.


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