• Dec 1

    And now let’s look at what gives us the confidence and the health of appeal – it’s a good mood. But in life, for some reason, ceases when the question “What are you most worried about? Our comfort is made up of pleasant and unpleasant feelings – both biological and social. What is health and what it depends, everyone knows differently. But most of all need a combination of all these feelings and still other components of the life around him. It’s great that people get used to the unpleasant events is much weaker. We can say that health – a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely absence of disease. The difference between right and wrong way of thinking is that we analyze the causes and effects, and can on the basis of this decision. ” People respond in different ways, as a rule, this is – money, children, politics, family and relationship. A habit. ”. And only then – health. And then when not sick or sostarishsya. A wrong way of thinking often leads us to stress and nervous breakdowns. And it’s wonderful that we are all created so that, consciously or unconsciously, we are looking for happiness. How important is your health? And for someone – kindness and communication. If there is no sickness, so healthy. Our medicine they are well studied. And even more so when boleyutdeti, then all ills crumb want to take and take from nego. But the optimum life – is to live long and with a high level of mental comfort. About the diseases are different, large and small, light and heavy. But if you tune into success, and success will come to you. But each of us knows how badly hurt. Take care of the state of peace of mind – is not only pleasant but also useful. For one, happiness – it’s power, or is this thing, and this information is to be spendthrift. To do this you need to create diversity. If you are accustomed to notice the failure, the more you pay attention to them, the more they will persecute you. Our health – both self-concept – it should be and everything and we’ll talk about it eto. ”. After the course of your thoughts affect your health and mood. No need to measure it. Many health, less likely to develop disease.

  • Nov 27

    Please. Invite to a company for at least two people, teaching them to do the same samoe. Odnim not enough time to live the old, old age, others do not have time to live molodymi. Produkty company really in demand and sell for themselves. This structure is created by you, your partner, your partner and partners, etc…. So, consider this fact. Payment order is made by credit card. S. Your earnings will depend entirely on trade, which will make the monthly structure underneath you. Order yourself one of the products you buy a product solely for yourself, your health and you should not engage in any sales of this product (. In Russia, Europe and the former Soviet Union All markets are still available. Not everyone is obtained through its molodost. Kompaniya “Whole Wellness Club” – your HEALTH, plus your home business MLM Reliable company to test the strength of time. So you do not have to persuade anyone – people do on your recommendation will be happy to upotreblyat.

  • Nov 20

    Make a regular habit of fasting. 10. My mother in my childhood when I had problems with the nose (sinusitis, sinusitis…), I was flooded with saline solution in sinuses. On the Internet there are many articles about how to help you lose weight and stay fit. To breathe correctly, you need to breath made in the depth of the lungs. 6. Here is a list of pretty unusual solutions to improve their health 1. We often breathe properly due to bad posture, stress and other negative factors. This is an old technique of nasal lavage (Ayurveda). 8. For example, an enema is of enormous benefit to health. Add to the interior of their room and working place more plants. Most of them are focused on diet and exercise. We all know that plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. It is responsible for a quarter of daily detoxification. 4. But without air you will die within a few minutes. The fact that we are physiologically adapted to walking long distances. We all know that the skin – one of the principal organs of the body. We – “hunter-gatherers” (hunter-gatherers). Blood circulation is enhanced, resulting in tissue are washed and cleaned of toxins. When the body does not use much energy on digestion, it can be used for recovery or treatment. Try Jala Neti. Did you know that they clean the air by removing harmful contaminants? It helps to clear nasal passages. It helps to breathe deeply, strengthen the immune system, helps to forget about the pain and reduces blood pressure. But you should consult with your doctor before you begin to adhere to the post. They not only make the air fresh, but it moisturizes. 11. Proper breathing is very important. According to a recent study of walking is better for your health than jogging. Plants have a huge advantage. Try hydrotherapy (hydrotherapy).

  • Oct 25

    Russian scientists are constantly introducing the latest scientific advances in technology zhizn. To do so, use the following drugs: – Food VITONK. To do this, you must first strengthen the immune system. Adversely affect energy food, bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle. In addition, currently preparing to release a new development – a drug AKTOSIL. Where to look for health? Lose health is easy, but to return it can be very difficult. It is clear that the disease is much more difficult to remove than to prevent its occurrence in advance. Each word in the title NNPTSTO is what makes this company. However, this does not happen because very greatly changed our food products have become less useful. Dlya vision improvement in the company NNPTSTO also represented several products. It improves the functional state of the cardiovascular system, normalize blood circulation, strengthen blood vessel walls, increasing their flexibility and reduce the risk of trombov. They became partners or customers rejuvenation and Technology Center verified that improve health and can become younger without the intervention of surgeons. Izvestno that a person should receive food vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Izvestno that the leading cause of premature death in developed countries take for cardiovascular disease. They help maintain the activity and vitality, despite years and allow to look younger than their years. The adjective “national” indicates that a Russian company. But not always successful. But how to protect yourself from diseases?

  • Sep 15

    That is the most cherished triple mineral, or rather the necessary materials for our food organizma. Ot I sincerely wish you all the good-health, happiness, peace, love and long life! And the possible children! My you live in a world that sucks us in any way from the inside and at every step. As you may know-term price fluctuations in the stock market. Yes, how much money? Is not it? Drugs? Clarify once again – EVERY DAY! Improvised methods. The danger to life and health at every step. My used to spend on rings, fur coats, cars, travel, apartments, even already in stock investing! Manic figure! This is especially true for those who are particularly susceptible to harmful factors by virtue of their employment or professional life. Antioxidants. There are innovations of food for the human body, which should be consumed every day. While you are free to move, while the doctors did not want to cut off a piece of you? ” And then what is it meaning? Yes, more precisely in the combination of nutrients, so necessary for our organizmu. Be healthy and happy! Old men sit in the queue, hoping to get free medicine, which, alas, always there! Iz Pocono centuries our Earth nurtures us. Podcherkivayu. Minerals. We export it with the cart! I am afraid that you did not used to it delat. But how much should be invested in your body of nutrients, but not restaurant meals, you will not znaete. Who collects the grass hereditary, who teaches from the TV screen to brew potions pharmacy on the lunar calendar… Well, if you go without food will not be offered, or something pohuzhe. So we went back to the original question: How much do you spend on your well-being? … Good question! The fact that you are NOT ZNAETE. Enterprises that are out there -… So far… And even something to make… And our health – here and there. Per day on an ultra useful drink to maintain your health? Tak as by investing in them? And the cucumber was the smell! All believe that your heart than eating a plate and karvalola nothing. Ya love fresh salad. Mne interesting answer to this question: how much money you are willing to invest every day in person to you? We have already sucked out of it all. It is not yet too late? Mankind has learned not only to drain, to absorb, but also reproduce. Our clinic has long we do not treat, but only eliminate the symptoms. And while it est. What to do? Everyone wants the best for their detkam. Or do you think it will always be with you Yes, unfortunately, most of us did not realize that health and wellness in our crazy world must support each den. So what do you do? Think about etom. Hotya be to one day suddenly find yourself with retirees on the same bench in the clinic. And the worst thing – now it’s in the air, how to protect themselves? About vitamins. Or trend in real estate…. About your growing generation, it is also living our lives and breathes the same air with us. In their medicinal properties? In a certain sense.

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    Fortunately, the answer to this question is found in the most authoritative scientific level. Subject to the single condition: TIME nachat. Find answers to your questions in the NSP! Timely initiation of prevention – it is a vital factor in the formation zdorovya. Budte healthy and optimistic! This is a way of life, optimism and positive thinking. Cured of disease is much more expensive than their preduprezhdat. And now for success in life is largely affected by our image of healthy and beautiful cheloveka. Who do you want to see tomorrow, after 20 years, 50, 100? Wellness – English literally,” good health “. Hochesh live long, healthy, regularly and happily – Supplements Eat and live… And with whom? In fact, all the demands of the modern society can be met!! There was a so-called ‘healthy lifestyle industry »- Wellness Industry. BADy are prophylactic to strengthen, sustain and maintain health. Naprimer, the benefits of a regular bowel movement has long been known. In the early 80s HHv. However, not everyone knows where to hide the coveted golden key to the secrets of health and longevity. ” Preventive maintenance – it’s just the way that avoids excessive use of drugs. Kachestvennoe food – is it possible? ” The fact that the curse of the programs is the last chance to save our zdorovya. Most modern medical researchers are unanimous in their opinion – they find the cause of unusually high incidence of modern civilization in violation pitaniya. BADy in particular, and a healthy lifestyle in general – is the real prevention, which CAN.! And then heroically to treat already formed a ball so we problem. Ne better to stop in time, to listen to ourselves, to give some attention to their own person? Zachastuyu run themselves, without paying attention to the first signs of illness, they simply did not reserve for itself the chances of a positive ozdorovlenie. But Wellness – this is not simply the opposite of illness. Chto is Wellness?

  • Jun 9

    “Premises for the operation of the PC must have a natural and artificial lighting. Repeat 4. 9. 4. 2. ” (Appendix 1, paragraph 1. And they concern primarily the health of an individual sitting at the computer. 3. 2) “The screen monitor should be located on the user’s eye at a distance of 600 – 700 mm, but not closer than 500 mm with the size of alphanumeric characters and symbols. At the same time – some problems as a free bonus. 6. Or at least the world of oknom.

    Inactivity and hypokinesia, prevent the development of fatigue pozotonicheskogo expedient to carry out complex exercise. 1. 9. 10. After many hours looking at the screen who does not know the feeling of sand in the eyes? 2. ” (Item 10. (Section 3. That’s right, it “sits”. 4. 5 raz. Man sitting at a computer at home, should take care to build their own workplace. Favorite electromagnetic toy, it is a powerful business tool, these conditions are much worse. Computer at work, home computer – that is seeing? m. ” (Appendix 1, p. 2. 2) In conclusion, suggesting one of the sets of exercises for the eyes, recommended SanPiN 2. 5) “In cases where the nature of work requires continuous interaction with VDT,… Organization recommended intervals for 10-15 minutes every 45-60 minutes of work. “(p. Krome of a static posture, prolonged immobility lead to a general fatigue of the body. Work chair (chair) should be hoisting swivel, adjustable height and tilt angles the seat and back… “(p. 2/2. 5 raz. Repeat 4. Man lives in the body of the savage. Do move diagonally in one and the other side of the transfer of right eye at the expense of 1-6. 1), “Artificial lighting… Should be a general system of uniform illumination, in the case of paper work… Installed lighting local lighting to illuminate the area location of documents. Bless you. 4) “In the premises, equipped with a PC, is carried out daily wet cleaning and regular airing after each hour of work on a PC” (section 4. 1 by the right, then similarly down-right, right, right, left and right. “(p..