Apr 20

    Winmask – respiratory mask with anion layer, was invented by “Winalite”. All the blessings of civilization which surround us – the subway, cars, computers, cell phones, home appliances – are sources of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) have significant adverse effects on our body. – Easily recyclable. Using SEM-map in the above manner, we can effectively attenuate harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body. Innovative technologies for the company, allowed to issue a series of unique and effective protective products are very popular antiradiation card-sticker on your mobile phone «WINGUARD». To protect against electronic devices that operate in your area (such as computer, cell phones, electronic games), most effectively put Sam card in pocket or hang it on his chest. Oni able to redirect the radiation coming into the human body from the outside world through the spin-lattice interaction, convert electromagnetic energy into heat, extending it to create a screen to change the configuration of the electromagnetic field surrounding a person. It’s simple: for a fairly powerful electromagnetic field produced by the cellular system, our skull is absolutely “transparent”. Methods of application cem card., so it is starting to wear off, spoiling the appearance of the phone. Of course there from the beginning made it my mission protecting the environment and human health “Winalite”, and this time not departed from his keynote: “Technology, They build up the love. Sealed packaged individually – Helps prevent pollution masks during storage. Enhanced with anions layer – generates up to 5, 000 anions per 1 cubic centimeter. – Prevents fogging glasses. – Anions can eliminate anxiety and irritability to remove, improve mental and physical condition. So really there is no reliable way to protect yourself from this “invisible killer”? – The most comfortable respirator face mask. Map of the label retains much of the radiation, absorbing 93. When removing the card from the phone-labels it leaves absolutely no traces of glue. We do not consider that such a convenient invention of the last century are both sources of EMR, it is very harmful to the human body. – Micro-bacterial protection to 97%. Sam Card «Health Card» eliminates electromagnetic radiation, maintaining your health. In this card, sticker, not only does not impair the phone rings, but also improves the clarity and quality of communication, as has the ability to filter electromagnetic radiation, which eliminates interference when talking. Winmask provides a high level of antibacterial protection, comfortable use, ease of use and high filtration capacity. Design with two straps and nose clip – Size can be adjusted to the user. The effect of the cem-card. In other cases, the SEM-card fit in a handbag, makeup bag, purse, pocket, so that it could carry. – Special rounded design provides more filtration area. The neutralization of the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body does not mean denying the very existence of electromagnetic waves. Protection against electromagnetic radiation and «Health Card» The harm caused by electromagnetic radiation, is not subject to any doubt.

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