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    Apr 28

    Postavte himself the task is fresh or canned salmon at least three times a week. Fats of omega-3s are also found in walnuts orehah. 2. MolokoS we age, our need for calcium increases, therefore it is important to include in the daily diet of calcium-rich foods. Proper nutrition can help a person stay young and the elderly. 10 dried. But they are very important for maintaining energy levels. 1. Today, nutritionists say that 1-2 eggs per day does not raise cholesterol levels, as the body itself produces cholesterol from saturated fats, but does not get it from cholesterol-rich foods, which include yaytsa. Bananas are also a source of fiber, preventing cardiovascular disease, they neutralize the acid, so useful in the treatment izzhogi. TravyS age have dulled sense of taste, and the easiest to add salt to the food looked delicious. Spinach protects against colon cancer, osteoporosis and arthritis. Garlic bulbs that little has great advantages. Issledovaniya show that salmon makes depression and prevent memory loss. It is rich in calcium, essential for strong bones and prevent osteoporoza. Like eggs, it is rich in lutein, useful for the eyes, so that eating eggs for breakfast with shpinatom. It also has anti-inflammatory effect. Chernika disorders of the brain after a stroke and alleviates inflammation of digestive tract, helping to cope with frustration zheludka. Dobavte sliced?? ShpinatV this product more nutrients than any other. 9. 8. Banana in oatmeal, or spread it in a blender with yogurt or milk and a little fruit juice. When people get older they need less food but more nutrients to stay healthy. In order to preserve health, you must adhere to proper nutrition. It contains niacin, which, by some accounts, protects against disease Altsgeymera. In addition, the chicken is rich in protein and prevents bone loss. 3. KuryatinaEto most healthy meat. According to a recent study, the consumption of 6 eggs per week reduces the risk of breast cancer by 44%.

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