• 10 facts on climate change and health

    Sep 29

    1. Occurring as a result of global climate change pose a number of health hazards – from death from excessive temperatures to changing patterns of infectious bolezney. This not only can help reduce road traffic injuries, but also reduce air pollution and related respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Currently, more than 60% of the world’s population lives within 60 km of coastline. 8. Actual increase in seasonal temperature increases the spread of this problemy. 5. Climatic conditions affect diseases transmitted through water and vectors, such as coma This fact is devoted to current and anticipated impacts of climate change zdorovya. Istochnik: © World Health Organization (WHO). This increases the risk of diarrhea, which kills approximately 2. All over the world are already experiencing water shortages, four out of ten people. 6. Increased physical activity may also reduce the general rates sposobstvat smertnosti. Water shortages and poor water quality may be a risk to hygiene and health. 10. This increases the risk of water contamination in the home, which can lead to boleznyam. Recent studies indicate that the record high temperatures in Western Europe in the summer of 2003 led to a sharp increase in mortality – the number of deaths registered during this period, an estimated 77 000 more than the equivalent period the previous let. In the 1990s, as a result of weather-related disasters around the world have been about 600 000 deaths, 95% of which occurred in developing countries. Population displacement can increase stress and potential risk konfliktov. 7. The level of availability of pollen and other alergenov increases at high temperatures. In 2004, only one diarrhea, malaria and protein-energy malnutrition caused more than 3 million deaths worldwide, of which more than one-third occurred in Afrike. Intensive short-term fluctuations in weather can also seriously affect the health, causing heat stress (hyperthermia) or excessive cooling (hypothermia), which may increase mortality rates from heart and respiratory diseases. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by more than 30% compared to its level before the Industrial Revolution, which contributes to the retention of heat in the lower atmosphere. Measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or reduce the impact of climate change on health can have other positive health effects.

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