• Clean dangerous for your health!

    Oct 11

    But even received a certificate only guarantees that we will not poison and does not spoil your hands. But most importantly, this injury caused by defective products. The more intermediaries, the greater the likelihood poddelok. It is no accident in the European countries banned the sale of products of public consumption that contain phosphates and chlorine substituted organic acids. Thus, we have once again become “a dumping ground for Europe. ” Using the daily advertised washing powder, soap and other detergents, lotions, toothpaste, we put your health in serious jeopardy. And so fosfatosoderzhaschie goods are dispatched in third world countries, including Russia. I wish that Amway was not the only such company to look at the Russian consumer. Many consumers are trying to protect themselves from the harmful effects of such goods, use folk remedies. After all, cleanliness – is the key to good health! In the civilized Western countries appeared quite a lot of these companies. So what advice to our Russian customers?

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