• Active additive rhythms of health supplements

    Jan 9

    On the one hand, the “Rhythm of Health” fill shortage of essential vitamins, minerals and vitamin-like substance, but on the other – contribute to the harmonization of biological rhythms organizma. Sutochny complex vitamins. Supplements “Rhythms of health” (30 capsules in each formula) Price: 495 rub. Podobnoe alternation of different biological effects is consistent with the nature of the daily biological rhythms of human and contributing to their rapid normalization, that is the key to good health and good samochuvstviya. Objectives: To study the impact of food supplements “Rhythm of Health” on histological structure of the internal organs of laboratory zhivotnyh. Marked reduction of irritability said the study 31 participants (74%). Course duration – 1 month courses 2-3 times a god. Aktivny Ingredients: Vitamins A, D3, C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, PP, folic acid, L – Carnitine, an extract of the roots of Eleutherococcus senticosus, green tea extract, Spirulina platensis, nettle leaves, calcium, magnesium, iron, iodine, selenium, zinc, manganese, copper, spirulina, valerian root drug, travapustyrnika heart, peppermint leaf, burdock root, Oregano herb, calendula lekarstvennaya. Rossiysky rentgenradiologii (Moscow). “Rhythm of Health” – it’s quite unusual vitamin and mineral complex. Department of Human Ecology with a course of professional zabolevaniy. Tseli: The efficiency of the use of food supplements “Rhythm of Health” as part of the therapeutic diets of patients with vibration boleznyu. Objectives: We investigated the effectiveness of the product “Rhythm of Health” in the complex treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome in liquidators consequences of the Chernobyl AES. Thus, this study showed that dietary supplements “Rhythms of health” have a protective effect on the state of experimental research center zhivotnyh. Utrennyaya formula: increased activity, the overall tone and health of the morning formula “Rhythm of Health” includes all the necessary vitamins, as well as unique herbal ingredients that help to restore tone and performance. All patients reported improvement in general condition, increase efficiency (100%). OGUP Sanatorium “Krasnozersky” (PDF).

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