• Health as a gift

    Nov 25

    V today you can often find cosmetics, which include honey, essential oils, grapeseed extract, broths of various rasteniy. In those days, were well known medicinal properties of wool, buckwheat hull, welding methods of various herbs, the use of cedar, recipes medolecheniya, botryotherapy. Our future depends on us, from the lifestyle that we lead. As they say in a cartoon, to save the day, it is necessary to save the moment. Pine sap – is the most powerful natural antioxidant. Marilyn Monroe’s career – a wonderful thing, but she did not warm up a cold night. A as in ancient times were legends of grapes, which was a symbol of power? Women’s logic. Once upon a time, traditional medicine was the only affordable for most people. Sometimes we just do not about this zadumyvaemsya. A how often do we make gifts that could help save your health? They aim to protect the body from stress and having a restorative effect. Now is the time when you have to pay more attention to a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet. Since ancient times, people look after their health, looking for the elixir of youth, turning to nature. In the middle of the XIX century. Kedr! ” It contains many vitamins, organic acids, sugars and vegetable protein, essential cheloveku. As a result of stress and fatigue become our constant companions.

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