• Biolit guard of women’s health

    Apr 13

    Currently in Russia there was a catastrophic situation with a woman’s health. In the structure of cancer incidence of women with breast cancer is 20%, which is 3 times larger than the combined share of all cancer pathology reproductive system. Breast Cancer – leading cause of death of the female population today. Breast is now clearly regarded as a precancerous condition that affects 60% of women and 80% – are at the same time and gynecological pathology. The purpose of the diagnostic part of the program – is to identify patients with a precancerous condition, ie, with mastopathy. Scientific-practical program “Women’s Health” is composed of two parts: a diagnostic and therapeutic. Chem. Project leader is Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, SSMU, MD. Woman comprehensively surveyed experts: mammologists, gynecologist, oncologist, endocrinologist and neuropsychiatrists. The aim of the treatment program is the development of treatment guidelines specifically and individually for each of the women surveyed. Science Valentina Burkov, as head of OOO “Biola” is always doing everything possible that would be the company’s products meet international standards. The proposed scheme to this therapy for the practical application of health of plant origin were not evidence and were not always effective. In the program “Women’s Health” provides control of the effectiveness of diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

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