• Problems in the bedroom as they affect health?

    Mar 28

    K what this means? A man in his youth giperseksualen and sexuality in women increases after 30 years. But we can not live without each other all their lives looking for a soul mate, is often enough to a loved one was just there and it already gives us the strength and energiyu. Garmoniya in relationships depends on understanding the intimate otnosheniyah. Poslednee time I go on the various scientific developments, techniques and tools that are transforming the cause of the disease and the disease goes away. Nature has created man and woman are very different at the physical level and especially on an emotional. The Russian health care, generally fights with the investigation, the man makes the pain for a comfortable existence of the disease, but does not eliminate prichiny. Sexy men by nature are always higher for women, apparently making us so nature has a meaning. When this is repeated day after day, month after month, stagnation leads to inflammation and various diseases. The woman, not to offend her man often plays udovletvorenie. Muzhchina time on the road to a woman counts as foreplay. This woman, still excited, there is a rush of blood to pelvic relaxation does not occur, there is stagnation of blood. And if the woman is sick, sick man, and, sick children, sick the whole family.

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