• How to lose weight easily and without harm to health (health and beauty)

    Aug 9

    At first your weight may ride, stand still and even grow! Itak, we calculate your ideal weight. The best and fastest way – massage. So, consider this formula a concrete example: a woman of 65 kg. If you plan to eat something nutritious, it’s better if you do it before dinner. How do you create this deficit? You can jump in any time convenient for you. But many also know that weight should be optimal for their health. Under mild physical activity is understood as mental work and a passive lifestyle. We strongly recommend that you weigh daily. Naprimer, we expect the ideal weight of 20-year-old girl growing 167 cm: 0. Esli failure still occurs, do not scold yourself. S we decided. It is better to draw the graph yourself lose weight and bring back weekly results. Having tried many different ways to physical activity (running, dancing, gymnastics, fitness) with certainty state that the most comfortable and very effective, familiar to us from childhood means a rope. For example, if you eat something salty, guarantee – the next day, your weight will increase only as much water you drink – the salt will keep her in your body longer than usual. Dlya those who are too lazy to wander somewhere and find something, write a formula that most accurately to determine this number because different calculators determine the ideal weight for some reason, in many ways. So, to lose weight in pounds per week, your calorie deficit should be 1000, and a half – since 1500, and the rate of weight loss dalee. If you can not, but would like very much so – you can just a little! Organizm normally set up to lose weight evenly, but there are times when cleaned in the most unexpected and not always desirable locations. With an average level of physical activity. Podvodny. How much you have to create a deficit so reshili. To burn 300 calories. Another article on the subject of battered? The first thing you will need to do – is to decide on how much you want to weigh. But if you really want to, for example, chocolate is better to let a piece, otherwise you will experience psychological discomfort, resulting in a failure may occur. What if this is not possible? In such cases it is desirable to encourage weight loss in those places where you need it. Each kilogram of fat 7000 calories. Try to eat and no fractional load up for the night. It is important to note that for people under age 30, it would be better if the weight is less than 2-3 pounds from those predicted. Itak, give yourself a day, from which you will lose weight. This figure and should be reduced. Believe in what you all must get done and it will be easy! Ideal weight = 345 grams, multiplied by each centimeter of height (for women and for men – 445). For body weight loss intense – always a shock. For people over 40-naoborot. Before you stop advertising your stuff and go to the topic, I would say the main thing – all the information is checked and guaranteed 100%. So you will see positive results. On the weigh-in. But if you still can not wait to lose weight quickly, despite my entreaties and arguments nutritionists, you can own it for themselves to determine on the basis of the above. In addition, having undergone these changes, you’ll be fine feel, will gain confidence in themselves, in general, become a happier person. It costs energy to metabolism will be 65 * 20 = 1300 calories. Does not exist a single person who would not have helped this method (except for people with severe disabilities). Thus, the daily requirement for women in power is 1820 calories. In order to lose weight by half a kilogram per week, you must create a deficit of 500 calories. Razumno: 40% due to reduction of food, 60% due to physical exertion. To this day arrange a “revision” in the fridge, so there was as little as possible “temptation. Most women say that figure, even if they pick up during the night. But it is worth remembering the daily diet should not be less than 1000 kcal. Eat everything, but do not go beyond that. She will go on digesting food, and, respectively, 390 – on the average level of activity.

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