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    Dec 3

    Obyatiyasoprovozhdayut us throughout life. January 21 in the world has one of samyhneobychnyh holidays – International Hug Day (International Hug Day). It’s just a guess. Posvoeobraznoy legend, during a friendly hug, people exchange dushevnymteplom. Onbyl based in the United States in 1986 under the name of the National Day of hugs (NationalHugging Day), and then quickly spread around the world. Around the world picked such a fun tradition of “embracing. Pediatricians and psychologists advise svoimroditelyam as often as possible to hug their little children to razvivalisumstvenno and physically. Although the reason was, nearing the end of the session, which means that most of the examinations was put that thing on its own uzhesamo no joke. Netabsolyutno no difference between adult and child, that when he plohoi his hug, or just a close friend or even a stranger, then immediately drop budethot better. It is believed that a child who has little affection vnezhnom age, may have later mental health and mental retardation (compared with their peers raised in love). ” According to the tradition of the holiday, to make a friendly hug on this day mozhnodazhe stranger. Psychologists believe that people who want to enter you in his arms, want to experience the feeling of safety, comfort and love. To date, uchenyeabsolyutno just proved that hugs are good for health. Secondly, mental health is associated with satisfaction chelovekanerazryvno tactile needs.

    |: The quality of products, some lying on the products

    Remember that no one will save your health is not better than you do. Bitter is better than milk shokolad. Konechno you heard many times that the lower-calorie margarine than oil, and therefore more useful. Olive oil is most useful for health. Oranges facilitate the absorption of iron from food. So throw out the idea that oil is dangerous to health. The rest of the like. Vy heard or read that dark chocolate less calories than milk? Both species are baked from flour, which lacks the vitamins and nutrients from the outer layers of the grain. Perhaps surprisingly, that the goose fat, despite the fact that relates to animal fats, which says that because of the high proportion of saturated fatty acids raise blood cholesterol levels, equivalent to olive oil levels of unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, the fiber is much longer provides a feeling of satiety and supports healthy intestinal flora and has a positive effect on cholesterol levels. But the peel contains few nutrients. Preobladaet view that brown bread healthier than white. Is orange juice makes the absorption of iron? It provides them less than milk. Vy think lemons sour, because it does not contain sugar? It is not true and that people who eat only use vegetable fat, lower risk of heart attack, on the contrary, in some cases to heart attacks more likely. Or, for example, that will speed up your metabolism and weight loss will give rise to? Yes, a lot of orange juice contains vitamin C which enhances iron absorption from food. Nepravilno food can greatly affect the quality and life expectancy. Znaete saying: “If you repeat a lie a hundred times, it becomes the truth”? This is not the case. But in a reasonable amount of chocolate good for the body. Da accelerates, it is true that, for example, chili or ginger accelerate the metabolism. And studies have shown that margarine significantly affect cholesterol levels. It is believed that most vitamin C include oranges and lemons, but richer in vitamin C is a kiwi, and more vitamin C and contain rose oblepiha. Our health and beauty. The reality is somewhat different. Both types contain about the same amount of calories, contains only bitter cocoa and more so has antioxidant anti-cancer properties due to the content of a large number of polyphenols. And just peel a potato in brewing will protect against the loss of nutrients in brewing. After a person drinks chilled drink with chunks of ice, the body tries to warm the mucosa and to develop heat, which will require energy, thus accelerating the metabolism. Both are wrong. Margarine or maslo. And when you go to camping, especially in the mountains, a piece of chocolate just need to add energy. Author Zdena Novachkova. Accelerator is not only spicy food, but very cold. Therefore, the quality of products used in food, you should be carefully monitored. Many false statements relating to, and quality products. White or black hleb. One hundred grams of margarine contains about the same number of calories as butter. Eto you also be interested in: Milk – it helps or hurts? Take a look at some erroneous statements about the products, which can be met and matched vy.

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