• Wine and health

    Apr 9

    It acts as an anticoagulant, which improves blood circulation. Konechno, people are solely responsible to consult with their physicians and make their own decisions, but my views on this matter is very simple. Some doctors go even further and prescribed some wine for a specific disease, but the effectiveness of their prescriptions are unlikely to praktike. Otchasti beneficial effects associated with alcohol contained in wine. Apparently, the wine also reduces the risk of some cancers and help maintain mental alertness in old age. B. WINE AND ZDOROVEPredstavlenie about wine as a healthy drink is both ancient and very modern. But now there is enough medical evidence to say that moderate consumption of alcohol, especially in the form of wine, is actually more healthy for most people than abstinence. It prevents blood clots and arterial trombov. Drink water to quench their thirst, and enjoy the flavor of good wine. The antiseptic, and it was a good basis for drugs.

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