• Invest in yourself and your health

    Nov 7

    Теплопроводность water is 23 times higher thermal conductivity of air. Invest in yourself and your health – for a long time, scientists from different countries such as Britain, Japan, Russia, Sweden and the United States, exploring the impact of massage on the water or water organizm. If we take into account that muscle tension in the back and waist appear more than once a year, then the easier and faster to fill a bath at home and enjoy an effective water massage. That is, to changes in body temperature is more sensitive than for the same temperature changes vozduha. While taking a bath positive changes in muscle blood flow, releases hormones and the kidneys. For example, after 30-60 minutes because of bath relaxation of muscles spine becomes longer by 5-6%. The main reason people buy a home massage bath – it’s not necessary to manage your time, convenience and privacy. You must know that not every massage bath ensures effective massage. Quality massage bath is a reasonable investment in the enjoyment of the home at a time when visits to restaurants and spas are becoming increasingly rare.

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