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    Feb 15

    Sovremennoy woman can not forgive. Proigraet as a woman, entirely devoted himself to the house and children, if you do not understand that children need not sacrifice, but the real spiritual values. Emancipation frees us, but freedom requires. If a woman just stepped over forty, aging, and fullness is ugly, though, and claims that is healthy, she oshibaetsya.? In an underestimation of the full spiritual razvitiya. - is what characterizes a full, harmonious development of man. Modern medicine is consistently emphasizes this relationship, arguing that there can be no complete physical health without mental health and naoborot. Mnogie Millennium, held in the “home confinement” limited life of a woman sexually maternity action. The only way to preserve the beauty and health. However, they do not think about what damage are health and beauty blizkih. A healthy person is calm, kind, sympathetic and kind to others.

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