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    Sep 30

    How parents take care of the baby’s health and prevent disease in the winter? You can put next to the battery capacity with water. Dostatochnoe of drinking – it is important for an organism with signs of the disease. Esli sick one of the parents are not located too close to the child, wearing a mask, wash your hands with soap yourself and the baby. This may help in mild heat nasmorke. Games at the site during the winter – well, if in moderation. Esli should give the child to maintain the intestinal microflora of yogurt or baby biokefir. Firstly, it should come with a smaller kid in the room with so many people. At the same clothes should be light and in several layers. The norm in humidity in the house – about 50% at a temperature of about 21 gradusa. This applies particularly to young children whose immune system is not sufficiently strong. Therapists recommend several measures to reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses in the winter. Est special humidifiers. Variations in temperature of the body opens the way for the game infektsiy. Kogda the baby takes more than a day and he with difficulty breathing, feel weak, you need to contact vrachu. Nauchite properly cough, cough – an important process in the disease, so the lungs are cleared. In her clothing a child should not sweat.

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