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    Mar 28

    And if this “one” who had not used the chances of life – your baby? Every tenth Russian uses even vegetables less than once a week, and yet on the recommendations of WHO, should eat 5. No, maybe you should not be alarmed at the lack of fruit and vegetable consumption? 6 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. But this can not be said about vegetables – the prices are quite affordable. Let’s wait for it – after all, in essence, this means that three people suffering from cancer or cardiovascular disease, one would have stayed healthy. Even a rather poor family can replace costly grapefruit or an orange for an apple or carrot and cook more often, for example, a salad of fresh cabbage. So it’s not at all expensive fruktov. Neobhodimo mind that fruit – a product of “nebrendovanny,” and we are all under tremendous pressure from advertising and not think about the health properties of foods.

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